"Mike designed our kitchen, family room and dining room remodel and supported us through the entire renovation. Mike’s creativity and experience allowed him to initially provide us 3 strong layout options where each had our kitchen in a different location. He spent time getting to know us which allowed him to focus his ideas on our style and budget. Mike is energetic, easy to work with and extremely positive. He quickly earned our trust and respect through his interpersonal communication and detailed work. Mike also worked closely with us through our contractor quote and selection process. In the end, our remodel was a success and Mike was instrumental in ensuring that we got what we initially wanted (and more is some areas) and all within our budget."

Dean & Colleen - Los Altos, CA

"It was a great pleasure to work with Michael to design our new house. It was a tear-down and rebuild project. And that was our first time designing a house from scratch. We were lost in all the design ideas and styles. Micheal was able to pull out the real preference and ideas from us and help us design a house that is exactly what we want. Micheal is a very inspiring and knowledgeable architect. He pays attention to every single details in the design. He can be flexible whenever we would like to make any changes, and also be opinionated when we really need help to make a decision. Michael worked closely with us not only on design phase, but also on getting the permit as well as being the consultant throughout the whole building period. The house turned out to be beautiful and exactly what we expected. I strongly recommend Micheal without any reservation!"

Shawn- Saratoga

"Mike is incredible as an architect and helped us see things about our house remodel plans that we didn't see. What we came up with as a house plan included a cottage for my mom and a fully revamped rest of house that's gorgeous and does everything we hoped it would. At the beginning, he knew how to guide us through all the decisions that would have such huge implications later on...things we didn't fully grasp until we were ankle deep (and head first) in it, lol. Then, throughout the process, Mike was with us every step of the way, making it a great experience. Professional, flexible, cost conscious and super high integrity. Five stars all the way!!"

Steve and Darlene - San Jose

"We've worked with Mike on 2 major remodels of our home across 18 years and wouldn't consider working with anyone else.

Mike stands out on 3 levels:

-Artistic expression that results in a unique and personal design. Walking our neighborhood you'll find that the most attractive houses are almost all Mike's designs

-Knowledge of of the planning/approval/bidding/construction process to avoid downstream surprises

-The biggest thing for us is the personal connection and openness to collaborate and trade off ideas big and small

Mike latched on to the relationship between our house and family and was able to help us realize a home that suits all of us individually and collectively"

Mike and Sandra - Los Gatos

Excellent combination of vision, creativity and common sense. From the early site visits to the final inspection and the minor adjustments needed along the way, our project exceeded our expectations in every way.

Sarah - Mountain View

Mike designed my 4400sf home for me, he was very professional and knowledgeable in all aspects of the project. Mike was willing to listen and embrace all of my design ideas.
He is an Excellent Architect with great talent and his easy going personality makes the whole process very smooth. I would definitely build another house with Mike!

Margie - Saratoga

Mike worked on design construction plans for our whole house remodel, which was just completed last month. Mike is
* easy to work with
* provides great design ideas and solutions to construction issues
* his 3D renderings of his design ideas were awesome!

Bharat and Jaya - Willow Glen

My wife and I hired MV Architects to remodel our kids bedrooms, family room, dining room, kitchen and front exterior of the house. Working with Mike was great, as he was a valuable sounding board for ideas, a great problem solver and creative architect. Mike was on our side every step of the way, from initial discussions to final walk through. Mike was extremely easy to communicate with and always kept our requirements at the top of the list. We would be happy to work with Mike again on any project, big or small.

David and Diane - Los Altos

When we began our master suite addition by interviewing architects, we had in our minds what we thought to be the only feasible plan. You listened to our ideas and assessed what our needs were and came up with an original plan that we had not considered. Your display of confidence, unique ideas, and ability made our decision to hire you.

We appreciate the enthusiastic atmosphere you created during planning meetings. You let us communicate our ideas but kept us on task. We looked forward to our meetings. You worked well within our budget making suggestions on how to cut costs.

Barbara - Campbell, California

Over the last 5 years I have had a number of occasions to need the services of Mike. I have always found him to be very professional and competent.

His judgment in areas of cost verses desired outcome has been especially helpful. As a homeowner I wanted it "ALL".

Mike gave me options that were very reasonable as well as beautiful.

Ed & Kathy - Los Altos, California

Working with contractors in the construction business requires strong communication skills.

From the bidding process throughout the construction process you facilitated an outstanding working relationship between all parties involved.

We appreciate you talent and genuine interest in our project and would be pleased to recommend your services..

Scott - Campbell, California

I think what most people comment on when they come to the house is how great the new space is for entertaining. It feels really big, but we didn't have to scrape the house or add a second story.

The floor plan has worked out really well for hosting anything from fancy dinners, to kids sleepover birthday parties. We definitely want to thank you for that!.

Lindsay - Los Gatos, California

Sometimes we are going so fast during our meetings that I forget to tell you how much we appreciate your help on our house. From arches to lighting and everything in between, your input has made our house 50000 times better than it would have been without you.

There is no detail that hasn't been improved by your talented touch. We are so glad that you were part of our remodel. We are beyond thrilled.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Eric & Holly - Los Gatos, California

We are completely happy with Mike and his "out of the box" thinking. We can't say enough nice things about him, he is great. I went into the project having strong ideas about what I wanted because I love interior decorating.

Mike was able to listen to my ideas and create a vision that was totally perfect for our family, far exceeding my expectations. Mike's budget was almost exactly what we spent. He was really good about working with contractors and keeping the bids in line for us..

Kelly - Los Gatos, California

We have worked on 6 major renovations in downtown San Jose and Los Gatos with Mike, all of which were architecturally significant and/or historic. Mike always thinks "outside of the box" and creates amazing space plans that utilize and optimize the space available. His design sense and attention to details are impeccable.

Mike has been very effective in working the approval process on all our projects. He works very fast, does not waste his time or ours and is sensitive to and responsible in keeping the project within the scope of the budget! We love Mike and highly recommend him. I am sure I will do more projects with him in the future.

Grant & Robin - Los Gatos, California

Mike brought the highest level of energy, innovation and team leadership to our project.

His quick, on the spot alternative solutions to field conflicts and last minute (owner-elected) changes were especially helpful.

Teresa - Los Gatos, California

My wife and I are both "visual" people - Mike's 3-D sketching abilities were a big plus to us.

They allowed him to quickly communicate ideas and alternatives to us before and during construction.

Mike clearly has a passion for creating beautiful and functional architecture and was a lot of fun to work with too.

John - Los Gatos, California

Just wanted to let you know how pleased we are with the outcome of our remodeling project, and in particular your design work. The upstairs space is just what we had in mind and suits our lifestyle perfectly.

We have had a steady stream of admirers come by to see the house (some even drive by and stop in the middle of the street) and recently the owner of Los Gatos Porch told me he thought our house was "the best remodel in town".

David & Joan - Los Gatos, California

There are many reasons we can wholeheartedly recommend Mike. First, his creativity is unsurpassed! He always seemed to find the perfect solution to every issue we encountered during our remodel. He would listen patiently to our needs and ideas and offer several practical alternatives. Mike is personable and easy to work with.

His hands-on approach was exactly what we needed to not only design the home of our dreams but to make it become a reality. He worked seamlessly with our contractor and designer. His depth of experience with the planning, permit and inspection processes also proved to be extremely valuable! Last, but certainly not least, Mike's fees were reasonable and fair. We are thrilled that Mike was our architect!

Nels & Doreen - Monte Sereno, California

Mike's expertise and creativity turned the house we wished for into a reality. The questionnaire he provided to us really helped envision our new home and understand exactly what we wanted. Mike made sure he kept our priorities in mind. He was a good listener, offered a lot of practical advice, and worked hard to find solutions when challenges arose.

Throughout the entire project, Mike had our best interest at heart and would voice our concerns to our contractor in a way they understand. We are very glad to have hired Mike. He designed a beautiful home that we love and often receive compliments about from neighbors and passer-by.

Mark & Ann - Los Altos, California

What we appreciated about Mike wasn't just his vision but his integrity. Mike never made us feel like he was all about the money, making a fast buck off of us.

Mike was totally committed to our project and would come help me thru the implementation phase of construction. His price and billing is more than fair. He was worth every penny and more. I don't think you will find a better architect.

Dan - Los Gatos, California

I used Mike on various residential remodeling projects and he always met or exceeded my expectations.

Ralph - Saratoga, California

Mike did a great job designing our home. He incorporated all that we wanted in the home as well as had great suggestions for areas we weren't sure about. Best of all, Mike designed a house that works great on the inside but looks fabulous on the outside.

Leslie - Los Gatos, California

We really enjoyed working with Mike and would definitely hire again. Not only is Mike extremely creative but he thinks quickly, which was particularly helpful as we were weighing options as to where to locate certain rooms. He would show us how the different options would look in a face-to-face meeting, which was great because we could evaluate how that looked right there, rather than have to wait for him to go back to the office and then send us the options later.

Additionally, Mike is a very easygoing personality. He really wants the home to reflect his client's tastes, goals and uses, and doesn't impose his thoughts on how the home/remodel should look. He also interfaced with the landscape architect very well. As a result, our remodel reflects how we wanted to use the home and have the teenagers hanging out at our place!

Catherine - Los Gatos, California

Mike did an excellent job designing a major renovation for our house. We are very pleased with the outcome and get compliments from people visiting our home.

Ellis - Los Gatos, California

We hired Mike for a full house remodel project and could not be happier with his creativity and expertise, and our seamless partnership throughout the entire process. Mike's value was not only in working with us to design a high quality and aesthetically pleasing home, but his ability to implicitly understand and integrate (in collaboration with our contractor) our living and lifestyle requirements, and his strategic guidance all the way through to the finished product.

Ed & Amy - Los Gatos, California

Mike is very personable. If you do not like something he is sketching, he will not (unlike many other architects) take offense and immediately comes with alternatives. He is very thoughtful and knows how to deal with the different cities/county building codes. I highly recommend Michael as an architect.

Philip & Karen - Los Gatos, California

We hired Mike to design our home and found that he did a great job listening to what was important to us for our new house and his final design matched our desired intent. He was also incredibly helpful every step of the way during construction, working with the contractor, subcontractors, etc. The final product, our new home, was/is fabulous and everything we wanted!

Jere - Los Gatos, California

Our firm has worked with Mike for about 20 years. Mike is very creative, and really looks out for his clients interests. Although it is a small firm, Mike handles a great deal of work, and meets his deadlines. Mike is hands on, and able to make changes quickly. He is very responsive and willing to think "outside the box".

Paul Conrado Builders - Saratoga, California

We wanted to tell you how much we love the design.  We liked in on paper and in the virtuals, but it did not do it justice when it was professionally constructed.  The entire house works wonderfully and everything is looking outstanding.  Thank you for the dedication on working with us to design or dream home.  It is most appreciated.

Devin - Los Gatos, California

After spending the first nights in our home we wanted to let you know we are thoroughly enjoying every bit of our house.  Telling you we love our new home is an understatement.  It was an absolute joy to go through this journey working with you.  From the first meetings to final inspection, the whole process was simply fantastic and your enthusiasm all along the way was appreciated.  Containing our excitement was the hardest part.  You both captured our needs and style impeccably and impressed all of our family, friends, co-workers, and neighbors with your work.

This past weekend was the first time my family saw the house.  My mom and aunt are two of the most discerning critics when it comes to art, architecture, and craftsmanship.  They have been in the art business for over 60 years.  I heard all my life from them what were poor home additions, poor style, and poor quality; at the same time show us what beautiful, quality work looks like.  They were both blown away and said the architecture was "genius" and craftsmanship "impeccable."  I wasn't surprised to hear it, just very proud that we chose you.  To see my mom smile and feel so comfortable made me very happy.

The best part however, is to see our daughter enjoying her own space while having easy access to comfortable, open family space.  It has already improved our family life.  We are not the only family members who are happy with the changes. Our dogs have taken to the house very well too.  They were camped out in front of one of the french doors this morning looking out the window at all the passerby's.

Once we are settled we would like to have many celebrations so look for your invitations. 🙂

Thank you very much,

Toni - Los Gatos, California

Mike is a very easygoing personality. He really wants the home to reflect his client's tastes, goals and uses, and doesn't impose his thoughts on how the home/remodel should look. He also interfaced with the landscape architect very well. As a result, our remodel reflects how we wanted to use the home and have the teenagers hanging out at our place.

Gary - Los Gatos, California

Thanks to Mike Vierhus for his many ideas and sense of what was right.

Dan & Nancy - Saratoga, California