Custom Homes • Remodels • Additions

Working together as a team, my goal is to make your experience as enjoyable, and stress free as possible. You can count on honest, direct advice and efficient, personalized service through the entire process.

Initial Consultation    1 -2 hours no charge

Review existing plans if available and walk the property inside & out. Discuss possibilities, concerns and limitations. Explain the process including permitting and offer realistic budget & scheduling expectations.


Asbuilt Plans

Measure & photograph existing conditions and develop floor plans, elevations and roof plan.



Research  zoning & deed restrictions and easements. Discuss project options and procedures with the planning department. Review client questionnaire, then meet to discuss & establish realistic and clear objectives, priorities, budget and schedule. Assist client with collecting photos that define their personal taste and style.



Develop conceptual floor plans and then meet to discuss Pros and Cons. Refine design using 3D computer modeling to present virtual interior walk thrus and exterior flyovers. Review plans, objectives and budgets with client to finalize design.



Coordinate with consultants and assemble all plans, reports, and applications required by Planning department. Make presentations and answer questions at Commission meetings if required.


Construction Documentation

Produce & assemble plans, calculations, reports and applications required for building permit. Coordinate with consulting engineers and assist clients with permit submittal procedure.



Work with client and/ or interior designer to select fixtures & appliances, finishes, cabinetry design and interior elevations. Work with client and/or landscape designer to layout and specify exterior features.


Bidding Assistance

Assist client with contractor selection including referrals, and interviews. Manage bidding process and provide comparative analysis. Review builder’s license, insurance and  contractual agreement.


Construction Administration

Manage plan corrections, clarifications, revisions and addendums. Make timely scheduled & unscheduled site visits during construction to review quality and adherence to plans. Track builder’s schedule and keep client informed of progress.